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PhenomX Health Pledge

Updated: May 18, 2023

The world is changing fast and so are our aspirations. Health and wellness are a concern, now more than ever. People want to live healthier longer. Our aging population is growing and more than 1 billion women will be in perimenopause in 2030.

PhenomX Health's sole raison d’être is to provide scientifically personalized nutritional care to women to honor their unique biochemistry on their midlife, hormone health transformation journey. This is the time to embrace women that are moving into their wisest years yet, that have the experience and potential to make some of their greatest contributions to society. Historically, these women have been invisible in health care and the workplace while going through some of the most profound physiologic changes they have experienced in their lifetimes. Many are profoundly surprised with the multitude of unique symptoms and changes in their well-being. At PhenomX Health, we step up to help people embrace their personal menopause experiences, to learn about their unique solutions and share these solutions with others around the globe. The midlife, menopause journey is no longer invisible and the individual experiencing it receives the attention they need to be recognized as invaluable to society.

On March 8th, in honor of Women's History and US National Nutrition Month, we introduced our pledge to celebrate our scientific wellness icons, our foresisters. We are grateful for their trustworthy, research-based data and insights. And to be walking in their footsteps, our pledge includes the following 5 imperatives.

They’re as follows :

At the base of the pyramid is the pressing need of Protection, for yourself and your loved ones. We champion this Urgent Care for protection with our choice to protect and support all women going through the menopause journey. We are doing so by bringing you an easy solution - adapted to all socio-economic statuses, monitor your health [1] and identify the best nutrition solutions that improve your wellbeing. We place the right to fulfill that need under the patronage of Dame Harriette Chick, DBE (1875 - 1977), English microbiologist and nutritionist. She was the first woman to hold a position at the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine in London [2]. Her pioneering work on the correction of nutritional deficiencies through nutrient based cures created the foundation for the way we care for your most basic protective needs.

Next is Self-Care. Cherishing and preserving your well-being is the right to nutritional care; the right to know what is important. Nutritional care is one of the most potent forms of care for prevention and longevity. It is a Human Right [3]. PhenomX Health aims to bring nutritional care to its most advanced, providing you with tailored and educational content from our knowledge library reviewed by our scientific board. We advocate for this right under the tutelage of Doris Calloway (1923 - 2001) American nutritionist, for her championing optimal care through nutrition as she showed her exceptional mastery of a broad spectrum of human nutrition and food science [4]. At Stanford while studying microbiota, she discovered that breath tests can diagnose lactose intolerance. Her most famous work “The Penthouse study” used innovative and thorough methods to measure metabolism. “In 1959 the Armed Forces Food and Container Institute in Chicago named her “Man of the Year.” Doris loved the plaque and displayed it in her office throughout her career.``[4]

Then we can collectively aspire to Preventive care where we take charge and set proactive measures to reach and manage precise objectives, prevent disorders and improve longevity. At PhenomX Health, we advocate for prevention through Adequate Care by honoring sex and gender differences in our research, by providing you with care that acknowledges the hormone differences that affect women’s scientific wellness, and unique biochemistry. It is only fitting to place that need under Hazel Stiebeling’s auspices for her groundbreaking works on women’s basal metabolism [5] paving the way for recognizing gender specificities. Hazel (1896–1989) was an American Nutritionist and published the first known publication to include the term "dietary allowances" in 1933 [6]. While her collaboration with Esther Phipard’s proposed in 1939 to recognize variance between individuals that has been since the standard for developing dietary plans by international organizations like the FOA and the WHO [6].

With our background in integrative nutrition, functional medicine and nutrition systems biology, we are committed to providing you with Innovative Care. looking for the latest opportunities and alternatives to help you reach your personal and family’s objectives. In our pledge we celebrate this need as the Right to Self-agency, the right to choose what’s best for oneself as PhenomX Health works tirelessly to empower women to make the right decisions for their wellbeing by learning to rely on their expert inner knowledge thanks to our innovative AI. Most of us are what can be called Expert Caree [7] when it comes to our bodily functions. We have intuitive hunches about what ails us. Adelle Davis [8] (1904 – 1974) American writer & nutritionist advocated her whole career for self-agency in nutrition as “Freedom of Choice in Nutrition.” Blind freedom is “not freedom, but license”, and Adelle was determined that her clients and readers would not be in the dark about the scientific basis of nutritional education [8].

The final imperative is Altruism. We, as a community, long for selfless care, for grass-root impact and advocacy on ethical & environmental issues. PhenomX Health pledges to champion the Right to Individuation, which encourages people to awaken to themselves to tap into their innate altruism. We pledge to help women make midlife an opportunity, an awakening for self-actualization. PhenomX Health is your trusted journey companion which reduces your self-care load to enable you to concentrate on altruistic care. The best example of fulfilling that need is Hildegard Von Bingen (c. 1098 – 1179), the OG wellness influencer, from her 12th century medieval Germany, who wrote extensive botanical and medicinal works, such as her Causae et Curae, rooted in empirical experiences confronting theoretical knowledge ( the basis of of scientific research). She is the first scientific writer to ever “discuss sexuality and gynecology from a female perspective”. [9] And her core view was to recognize “the vital connection between the "green" health of the natural world and the holistic health of the human person [...] she approached medicine as a type of gardening [10]. Her influence lives on in nutrition but also in the psychological field as she was the inspiration behind Carl Jung’s individuation process [9] after studying her midlife awakening.

Dr Colleen Draper, PhD, RD, started PhenomX Health after enduring first hand the challenges linked to hormonal changes both in her research and practice career and personal life finding herself bereft and craving for a 21st century solution. Having focused much of her career in precision, systems nutrition; functional medicine; and integrative nutrition; she observed the limitations in scientific wellness support of the menopause transition and felt strongly the field of precision nutrition could easily target the unique health needs of this time and offer improved solutions. So, she did what she needed to and took it upon herself to challenge the menopausal status quo and co-founded PhenomX Health. Her doctoral work focused on metabolomic response signatures in nutrition and health, sexual dimorphism and hormone chronobiology. She conducted further translation work in microbiome resilience, probiotic, prebiotic therapies and the connection with neurotransmitter functioning; genetic research and test development, dermatological sciences, fertility and personalized nutrition; sub-clinical mastitis and inflammatory diet intake; and led digital health technology and algorithm development for diet intake, analysis and recommendation personalization. Her knowledge and expertise are the beacons that light the PhenomX Health way. Harness your unique wellness and embark with us on a self-discovery journey toward a Phenomenal Wellbeing ! We’d sincerely love to hear from you, let us know your thoughts on that one and hit the social buttons below to get more insights on all things precision nutrition and to hear more about our Scientific Wellness Icons !


The PhenomX HealthTeam 1. In our case, it will be about logging how/what you feel & what food you consume so that your personal patterns emerge and solutions can be offered. 2.

5. Basal Metabolism Def. The turnover of energy in a fasting and resting organism using energy solely to maintain vital cellular activity, respiration, and circulation as measured by the basal metabolic rate”(

7. Expert Caree - PhenomX Health def.: “Person with chronic symptoms whose knowledge and experience about it empowers her to play a part in its management, and whose expertise may benefit the whole community in managing those particular symptoms '.

10. Hildegard von Bingen A Psychoanalytic/Spiritual Perspective of the Creative Mind -

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