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PhenRx Rejuvenation Diet

Do you want a diet tailored to your hormone needs that can help you get a fresh start? Ever thought about trying an easy 3 day approach to change your diet habits? We have created the PhenRx Rejuvenation diet tailored to your nutrition and hormone needs on your midlife, menopause journey. Join us!

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Find your inner warrior

Strength and fortitude are the name of the game when it comes to changing your health. Find your inner discipline and join our diet challenge. This is your opportunity to see what you can do to take care of your health and well-being. 

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3 days to a newer, healthier YOU!

We use the best of scientific wellness and honor your biochemical uniqueness to provide you with a tailored 3 day diet to balance your hormones, your energy and optimize your midlife, menopause journey. 

Honoring your unique biochemistry is about knowing what’s good for you.
The Rejuvenation Diet is part of the Premium Gold subscription for the PhenomX Health app, and is coming soon.
Start self-monitoring and self-quantifying now so you’re ready when we are.

Become a PhenXer now!

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