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We are on a quest to honor your physiological and biochemical individuality to address the root cause of your health imbalances with our expertise in scientific wellness, nutrition and women’s health. We want you to feel phenomenal on your mid-life journey. Remember that life does not end with the period.

The end of the period marks a new beginning, your second chance. If you take care of your health now, you will prevent diseases later and have a whole second half of your life to live! No more periods to manage. Once your periods have stopped for 1 year, you can focus on the other important rhythms in your life; such as eating, sleeping and self-care…and, dare we say it, lovemaking without fertility concerns! If you are peri or pre-menopausal, know that you have a whole lot of freedom to look forward to.

But first, you have to take the journey!

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Our Science

PhenomX Health honors the hormonal transition, addressing your biochemical individuality to get to the root cause of health symptoms and adapt your nutrition & wellness choices with women’s scientific translation-led actionable recommendations (diets, supplements, functional food, essential oils, fitness, mental wellness).

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Our technology

Combining home testing with a digital application, recommendations and learning resources, we honor midlife menopausal women for what they already know about their health and empower them to make their own choices.

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Our promise

We offer a truly personalized, holistic, digital and scientific approach for the midlife menopause transition to achieve a long healthspan. We are committed to listen to you and provide our best clinical and personalization expertise (designing gene and other -omics tests). We promise to be an unbiased, credible, and trusted source of scientific wellness and product recommendations.




The Big Survey
We want to hear your voice and know what you need!



Free App
Track your health symptoms with your diet, nutrition supplements & lifestyle patterns.

Let us be your nutrition companion!



Foundational Program
3 months including*





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Longevity program
3 months including*





*On subscription basis

Rejuvenation Diet

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We’re already thinking ahead about what you might need the most. 

If you crave an easy start with short-term wins; something like a 3 day diet reset could make the difference you need.

What do you think? Would you like a 3 day diet reset that optimizes your hormone metabolism, reduces inflammation and optimizes your gut function to feel good?

Let us know what you and your close ones feel about that? Should we make that available?

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Learning ressources

Want to learn more about hormones, nutrition, menopause?

At PhenomX Health, we step up to provide you with scientific knowledge that you can understand and use in your daily life


Know yourself

Want to know where to start from the comfort of your home to get a complete overview of your needs?

The New Wellness Optimal Nutrition Test measures 30+ biomarkers and compares your results against optimal levels so that you can focus and prioritize what matters most to improve your health and wellbeing.

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