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Why PhenomX?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Perimenopause is the transitional time to menopause that can last 8-10 years before menstruation ceases. It is most common to start this transition in your 40s and end in your 50s. During this time, you may experience new and different health symptoms that reflect your transition to a new hormonal equilibrium. It is officially over once you has 12 months without a period but symptoms continue to evolve and change post menopause. Everyone’s experience during this life transition is unique. Women on their menopause journey are in the process of creation of a new life rhythm. This is why it is sometimes uncomfortable. The more you are open to change, the better the outcome. However, this does not mean the journey is easy. The outcome is better if you are open to the challenges, discomforts and unexpected solutions. The truth is a full investment in the journey guarantees discomfort. This discomfort comes with an upside. It is an opportunity to establish a deep knowing of self and a strong comfort with life. Our PhenomX platform is for women who wish to know more about their personal experience during this life transition and how to treat their health symptoms using nutrition therapies for a healthy and empowered aging experience.

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